Automatic Direction Flip Drawing of InsideOut Meshes In Viewport?

Seeing this on meshes with normals reversed and not sure if it is bug or feature, but is different from ver 5 so thought I’d ask.

To reproduce:

in Rhino 5:
Do mesh torus and then flip direction, appears drawn inside out in shaded view ports as expected so you can visually ‘see’ that there is problem with this mesh you need to address…

in Rhino 6:
Do mesh torus and then flip direction, at first appears drawn inside out like 5 but as soon as you do redraw or pan or rotate now it is drawn ‘correctly’ so appears mesh direction is fine. if you select it, it will draw inside out but once again when you force redraw by panning or rotating it will redraw ‘correctly’.

On one hand I’m like “hey, that’s nice for viewing” and other hand thinking it sort of ‘hides’ pieces that user would need to take a look at.

So guess question is is this on purpose and will be way drawing will work on these sort of closed meshes in 6 (a sort of autoflip on normals on objects it can while drawing??)…

Reason is I brought in couple pieces of mesh from a model in 6 (and they looked fine) and did simple meshbooleanunion on them and once it did an intersection then I investigated the direction of both of them, once flipped the one the boolean worked as expected of course.

Hi Chris - I see that, thanks.