Automatic dimension VA 2.0

is the comand for automatic dimension still disabled in VA 2.0?


Hi @ERahjes,

Yes this feature is not yet implemented in VisualARQ 2. We still have to figure how to implement this right.

In VisualARQ 2 we’re trying to deprecate the old Plan View and Section View objects in favor of new plan and section viewports. Old objects use internally a HLR (Hidden Line Removal) algorithm, similar to Make2D, which gives very good results but it is very slow, specially when there are lots of objects like meshes or complex surfaces. New plan and section viewport are real-time, because they are calculated using OpenGL (GPU), and allows you to continue working on your model using these viewports.

As automatic dimension was implemented inside Plan View objects, new plan viewports cannot have this feature.

Sorry for no answering you before.