Automatic dimension for simple geometery?

So if I pre-select, for example, a line and call the linear dimension command, then it asks me for the first point and so on.

But why doesn’t it just place the start and end points automatically, and then all
I need do is place the dimension or just press enter to have it placed as per the settings.

Same with angle dimensions, aligned dimensions and so on…

Everything seems to be in place for this, so why isn’t it hooked up? Or is it hooked up and I’m missing whatever option is needed to enable it?

I recall X-CAD for the Amiga had this option way back in the mists of time; it saved heaps of time when dimensioning a large plan (s)…


We are not currently set up to do that, but I like it as a suggestion. I’ll discuss it with developers to see if it could be implemented in a future release.

Hi Tony - it is not the full deal, but if you preselect and run
Dim Object your line will be dimensioned.
If this were automatic, then I guess there would need to be a Points option as well, that would turn up for use in cases where you don’t care about the selected object.

Nothing so far for DimAngle though.


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Wow! - Dim Object…who knew…?

Why does this work? Seems to be only for horizontal and vertical (x, y).

Is it something that’s really supposed to be doing something else that can be hijacked, or is it a hidden start to allowing this sort of dimensioning?

I would of course like to see fully automatic 2D take off from the 3D model, with automatic or semi automatic dimensioning, (I’d also like to be 18 again…) but in the meantime if this kind of 2D dimensioning could be implemented for general 2D plan work, it would be very welcome.

thanks Pascal

DimAligned Object should also work.


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This is great, along with dim diameter & dim radius, which work with preselection already without having to use the “object” key word…

Seems like its all really close to a full featured 2D automatic subset of dimensioning commands - could this be knocked up before V7 is released maybe…??

Anyway, made my day already, since putting these on Fkeys or as aliases is enough to make some real difference.

Thankyou Pascal