Automated installation of specific service releases of Rhino 7 (and 6, 5)

While investigating on how to automate the process of provisioning new cloud servers running Rhino 7 using core hour billing, I found the PowerShell script bootstrap-server.ps1 which is mentioned here.
The script shows how to download the latest installer for Rhino 7 WIP:$EmailAddress

This leads to some questions:

  • What are the links for downloading specific releases of Rhino 7? (We prefer to have control over which release gets deployed.)
  • Can the same be done for Rhino 6 service releases?

@brian - is this something you can help with?

Hey @snabela, I think the best thing to do is to use the URL for the specific release that you want.

If you go to and enter your email address, you’ll get a “Download English now” link, or similar. Right-click and copy the URL - currently it’s pointing to the 7.0 stable release. If you ever need a link to an older release then please ask!

And thanks for the reminder to update that script! :slight_smile: