Automate processes in Rhino (layer on/off - > save snapshot)

Hi there,
I am currently working on some sort of animation process.
Basically I have i.e. 200 layers named 0,1,2,3…200 and I gradually have to switch their visibility on one after the other and make a snapshot each time so I can then render those snapshots in Vray for a stop motion animation.
As you can imagine this takes quite a while especially if I have more than 200 layers (states) to swith on and snapshot.

So I was wondering if this process of swithing layer on and make snapshot, name it ,save it, switch the next layer on, snapshot, save it and so on… could be handled automatically using python or macros ?
I havent been using these much so far and I am not that experienced…but it would be a huge time saver.

If anyone has a tip or a solution or workaround, it would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance !
test.3dm (694.9 KB)

It is certainly possible to do this with Python. However, Layerbook might also be helpful.

sure, here you go: (5.0 KB)

EDIT: oh, und falls Du es so willst wie in Deinem Video, dann müsstest Du die Zeile:
RhinoDoc.ActiveDoc.Layers[i].IsVisible = false;
im screenshot code entfernen. (mit doppelklick)

hope this helps