Layer state depending on saved views?

Hi there.

Im trying to improove my workflow when rendering multiple images.
I want to use batch render to render multiple variations of one object. (Same angle, Same lighting, same evereything)

The way im doing it now is: Save the variations on different layers. Set up the views for batch render. Turn on only one layer containing variation 1. Run batch render. Wait till its done. Turn off layer 1 and Turn on layer with next variation. Repeat.

I was hoping that I could somehow get Rhino to turn on/off the layers automaticly when running the batch render, so I could just leave my computer at it. Maybe its posssible to connect the saved views with a speciffic layer state? Then I could just make a lot of saved views with different layaer states?

Thanks in advance.

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You may want to have a look at the Snapshots feature in Rhino BETA (upcoming v6).


Wow, I’ve been using rhino for a year and always wish this feature existed. If I didn’t see your comment I may have gone on for another year! thanks