Autolayer System

This suggestion is mainly for improving drafting/layout workflow of rhino. while doing drafting it is painful to create layer each time so I was assuming something as Autolayer system where rhino create a Layer Known as “Worksession” or similar to create Sublayer inside based upon-

  1. Time duration- Based upon user time interval like 5 or 10 min rhino creates layer which can be named as 5m next layer 10m etc so it have record that we can see by toggling the layers or we can use whatever way we like.
  2. No of objects created- lets say i have created 20 objects then rhino create a sublayer inside worksession layer as timeset1, timeset2 etc.

Another simple idea came to my mind for showing the scale of dimension based upon it’s length like
a) for 1’ to 2’ ft it show scale of 5, for above 10’ it should show 20, for 50’ & above it should show scale of 40. that way we can use small,medium and large annotation simultaneously.
b) the scale maybe proportional to the length like for 2’ it is 4, for 4’6 it may be 9, for 20’ it maybe 40 and so on.
These changes can be made either for Model space or for both Model as well Layout space.