Autodesk: Data Exchange Connector for McNeel Rhino

Hi , is this like Rhino inside?

Autodesk is pleased to announce the release of the McNeel Rhino Connector into Public Beta. Built on Autodesk Forge, the Rhino Connector lets you share geometry and properties with other connected Autodesk and third-party applications — like Revit, Inventor, and Microsoft Power Automate.

No, not at all.

A little background… we’ve had some meetings with Autodesk recently concerning the creation and testing of the connector, mostly in concepts and usability, Rhino has plenty of documentation and whatnot and they didn’t end up needing anything from a development standpoint.

They are building the connector to exchange data and geometry between Autodesk products as well as other software, Rhino being a great first example due to their clients requests for interoperability and we aren’t a huge threat in that space (BIM, Document Management, Cloud Services, Revitzo, Spacemaker, TestFit, etc)

At the recent Autodesk University they allowed us to have a booth on the expo floor, as well as announcing this at the Keynote and several other sessions. We even got to speak at their invite only Futures meeting for some of their bigger customers. There is collaboration but there isn’t an official partnership or deal with McNeel / Autodesk of any sort.

That said, the current state of the connector is Rhino to Direct Shape (with data) and Revit to Rhino (breps with usertext) and I don’t know how far they are going to take it. The goal is interoperability with others too, so things either need to be customized or rather ‘low res’.

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@Japhy (and/or McNeel in general) any comment on where Speckle fits into all of this? Seems the data exchange connector is a black box/proprietary version of what Speckle has been developing…

Granted it’s really early in the data connector and certainly a lot is possible, but i don’t see it getting close to the interoperability, sophistication & customizable as Speckle in the near future (5+ years)

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Thanks for the webinar today.

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