Autocomplete in command line gone


suddenly the autocomplete function when typing in commands is gone.
Does anyone now where and how I can reactivate it on Rhino for Mac?

Thanks in advance!


As no one has answered with a specific Mac related answer you can find this for the windows version in the Tools>Options>Rhino Options>Appearance>Command Prompt>[Tick] Autocomplete commands.

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@dannyboyesiom… rhino on mac doesn’t have those preference settings… it should always autocomplete as far as i’m aware. (unless maybe there’s a command to toggle it?)

@Lion… so what happens if you press the letter ‘J’ ?
does the command search box show up at all or is it just that upon pressing J, there are no suggested commands?

for instance, if i press J, this is what i see:

so what, exactly, are you seeing?

The problem eventually solved itself by restarting Rhino and closing all open instances. My fault: I could have thought of this earlier.

I was only confused because Autocomplete WAS working in three of four open files and ONLY the fourth one had the issue described above. When I reopened just that file (leaving the other ones open) the problem still existed. So I expected some toggle on/off function for this feature. However, restarting Rhino was the remedy.

When I pressed J, the command search box appeared, but there was no suggestion. Just a “J”

Thanks for your replies, though!