Auto-populating Text?

I think there’s a setting somewhere that maybe controls this? But I’m working in a blank (not template) file, and I’ve set some annotation styles. But for some reason, every time I got to create Text, it auto-populates with the last text written, and more annoyingly, is stuck on “Arial Black” even when I choose regular Arial, then go to create another Text - it pops back to Arial Black.

Can’t seem to find the setting. Thoughts?

Thanks as always


The text being populated with the previous entry works that way by design and was requested. Because the text is automatically selected it doesn’t require more steps than if the text was blank.

As for the 2nd problem: there are some issues with Arial Black that we are addressing right now for the next service release.

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Just to make we cover all cases would you mind listing the steps that results in Arial Black getting stuck?