SelKey, SelValue, SelKeyValue

What are they and how are the user attributes created/determined?

You can manually create them in Rhino via the SetUserText command, R6 has a dialog available now as well. In Grasshopper you can use Human or Elefront to assign.

What can these functions be used for? How can you access the Rh6 dialog?

Hi John - if you set user text for some property - like say material, then you can select all the objects that are made of say steel, or whatever, via the UserText.
Key - “Material”
Value - “Steel”, or “Aluminium” or “Rubber” etc per object as appropriate…

does that make sense?


Yes, it looks interesting. It would hurt to have some documentation for it in the help file.
Thanks Pascal

I meant “it wouldn’t hurt”

Oh good! Just fyi, you can edit your own posts -

I do it all the time…