"Attribute User Text" / "Match" copies only one key - bug?

Hi all,

When I am creating a new object and want to copy (match) User Keys, it copies only the fist parameter. See here - element with 2 Keys:

When I create a new curve and want to copy over the parameters using “Match”, only one key is copied:

Is that a bug?

Hi - that was a known bug (RH-49930) that was fixed in December. Which version of Rhino are you running?

This is on the starting page:
Version 6 SR12
(6.12.19029.6381, 01/29/2019)

Hi - Please run the GetIssueState command and use Issue ID RH-49930. What does the command line report?

RH-49930 (Closed): git commit in this build = False

Thanks. That explains.

You could install the public SR13 Release Candidate where this is fixed.
On Rhino Options > Updates and Statistics > Update frequency you can change the setting to be notified of a new SRC build.

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Thank you Wim! I will do that.

All the best!