Attribute User Text GUI Wishes (Font Size and Column Order)

Hi @Trav and McNeelies,

1) Font Size/Type

I tend to work with the Attribute User Text GUI below the Layers GUI like so:

And felt I had a harder time reading Attribute User Text. So I had a closer look and the font is indeed smaller than the Layers GUI (Layers name above, Attribute User Text key in image below):

2021-11-01 12_04_13-Untitled-1 @ 740% (RGB_8) _

It would be great if the Attribute User Text GUI could use the same larger font as Layers.

2) Column Order

The Layers GUI allow one to move around (and hide) columns. It’d be great if one could do the same with the Attribute User Text GUI. I personally find the large yellow filter dots quite visually distracting, and would love to move them over here:

3) Fourth Column Function?

This is more of question, what is the function of this fourth column:



It might be space for units which would be very nice to have…

The far right column displays whether or not the value of the row is the result of a text field function.


Layers and attribute text panel stylings should align for v8 when both finally use the same ETO framework. Those fonts are scalable by windows, but there may need to be a more advanced setting for more granular control.

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Ah yeah of course, I’ve even used that functionality :man_facepalming:

That sounds great.

Enabling one to move around the columns would be good. Or at least moving the large yellow filter over to the right as the default would be less distracting (similar to the coloured Layers inputs).

Thanks again.

Thanks i’ve create a ticket item to allow the column re-ordering.

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Cheers Travis, much appreciated.

If it’s not too cheeky, I noticed another thing/issue I forgot to submit in my initial post: That the Attribute User Text GUI disappears when you select an object’s control points (which oddly activates View properties):

Which kinda disrupts the workflows I’ve been building lately, where I assign parameters directly onto objects in Rhino, read all this into GHPython and generate/analyse stuff based on these parameters. Making for a really nice and interactive modelling loop, where it would be great if one could manipulate control points and edit key/values simultaneously.

Hi Anders -

Just wondering - Control points can’t carry attribute user text - wouldn’t showing the GUI be misleading when such object is selected?

Yes I suppose it might. It definitely would if selecting a control point activated a GUI enabling one to e.g. set its XYZ properties. But currently selecting a control point activates the View properties GUI, which makes little sense (to me at least). I’d argue that the functionality afforded by showing the Attribute User Text GUI while manipulating control points, outweighs the potential confusion. But that’s just, like, my opinion :eyes:

I can see your desire to make it pinned but like Wim mentions, the panel shows up when the selected object is capable of attribute text. In theory you could make sub object selections and grips reflect their parent objects attribute text but I think this goes against the overall design logic of how the object properties panel system is designed and will definitely create confusion for anyone trying to apply attribute text to these object types.

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