Attract points to points from image sampler

Hi all,
I am new to grasshopper and just started learning how to use the point attractor and the image sampler. Thanks to (Rhino grasshopper) tutorial on youtube link below I was wondering if there is a way to use the color brightness value from an image sampler as a point attractor to attract the vertices of a cell to generate the star shape pattern instead of using an md slider. (542.1 KB)


Wow, thank you. It worked perfectly. :star_struck:

Hi HS_Kim,
Thanks again for your assistance.
What does the (Discontinuity) command add to the result? I plugged the vertices from (Explode) to (Weave) instead and it gave me the same result.

Pretty much the same.
Explode yields 5 vertices per polyline whereas Discontinuitywill give you 4 vertices…

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