Attaching name to faces of a brep for automatical baking

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I’m trying to bake and export my object for CFD simulation in Starccm. For that reason, I need to give specific names to the faces. How can I do that? I attached a simple example. I am pleasured for all kind of helps.

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Mertcan (16.7 KB)

The error you are seeing is due to one Geo element input with two attribute objects being input.

Those two lists need to match or at least only have one attribute to multiple geometries. You have two layers (thick wire) input to the attributes, that need to be one in this case.

Note that it’s always good to mention the plugins you are using when posting files. Many may not have pancake or elefront installed.

You are also going to need to set the file type and name. *(i see you are exporting to .x_t, is that supported?)

The Layer settings need to be adjusted in the pancake component as well.

Hi Japhy,

thank you for your response and suggestions. Next time, I will mention the used plugins. Parasolid (.x_t) can also be exported. The problem is that I need to name the surfaces of the body too. For example, I need to name the brep as “Body for Starccm”, upper surface as “Inlet” and bottom surface as “Outlet” in this case.

I think, with your code I can only name the brep, am I right? How can I do it for the surfaces of the brep, or is it possible to do that?

No without individual surfaces. The brep is one object, one name.

I can also not see the name of the object in Starccm. I mean, the name didn’t attach in the exported object

it is actually possible to do that in other CAD softwares like NX. Because, every brep has surfaces and there should be a way to name them, or?

properties, parameters, attributes, etc., aren’t universally transferable between softwares, even from the same company often (Revit / Autocad data for instance)

Unfortunately, that’s not right. You can attach a name or parameter to an object in NX and transfer to Starccm. Actually, you can do it all kind of traditional CAD softwares. But with them, you cannot create a CAD model automatically. That’s why I am interested with Grasshopper. Hopefully, there is a way to transfer object names from Rhino to Starccm too.

You can try manually exporting with different settings. The sub-object naming doesn’t exist, only the single object.


In order to name each of the BREP faces, and export, have you tried this:

  1. Explode your BREP into its faces (as surface objects)
  2. Name each face at your convenience
  3. Export

When you open this export in your CFD software, if it is a calculation software, there are chances that the connection between faces will be recognised, and your calculation could work properly. At least it is worth trying :slight_smile:

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Just a friendly reminder that Pancake’s export components may not work properly with attributes from Elefront Beta (6).

I need to test a little bit more.

Thank you for your suggestion. I’ve been trying this method since yesterday. It should actually work, but i’m not an expert in starccm and trying to find right way to define boundary conditions. If i can get it, I will post here :slight_smile:

if i cannot attach properties in export file anyway, it isn’t actually necessary to use attributes, because i have to give only file name to each surfaces. but if you say, it is also possible to attach part properties into export file, that would be of course better solution :slight_smile: