Export STEP file with named faces from Grasshopper


I am wanting to export a STEP file of a six faced geometry from grasshopper without having to first bake into rhino then manually save as. This is because I want to create variations in the geometry and have them automatically export in one go. I require the faces to be named because the STEP files will be used in STAR for CFD. If they are named I can automate CFD analysis somewhat. The only file that maintains the face names I have found is STEP (I may be wrong).

I’ve used human to name the faces successfully, but to get the STEP file I have to first bake it to
Rhino, and then manually save it as a STEP.

I have managed to get the file exporting from grasshopper as other file types e.g. .x_t, but the face names aren’t preserved. For some reason when I use the same method to export a STEP the file is empty. Am I missing something?

I’ve included a simplified grasshopper script with a cube for the geometry.


Output STEP.gh (15.7 KB)

you will need to reference the baked faces into the component, if you are doing multiple .stp’s it would require branches for the geometry and names.

Thanks for reply. I am able to get multiple files (havent show the grasshopper script here), however I am just wondering why ‘save object’ works with say .x_t, but gives an empty file with .stp.