BrepFace keep Object Attributes in Brep

Hello Everyone,

I`m stuggling with the Problem of identifying particular BrepFaces in a Brep. The easyest way to identify the Faces would be the name. As Soon as i join the Faces to a closed polysurface all the BrepFaces inherit the Same Attributes. Is there a possibility that every particular Face Keeps its “subname” or “subattributes” but inherits the Name from the Brep ?



Hi @patrick.jaksic,

You can add user text to a BrepFace. However, I don’t know if the user text will survive a join operation. You might be better off tracking a BrepFace’s underlying Surface.

– Dale

Hi @dale,

thanks for your reply. I tested it but unfortunately as soon as i join the Faces to a Brep with BooleanUnion the Faces/Surfaces are Loosing their UserString… i even tested if something changes when i append the Breps of the particular Faces to an empty Brep Object.

Is there maybe a way to keep the Strings ?


Hi @dale,

Sometimes it`s better to read twice :wink: Ok so now i manipulated the usertexts of the BrepFaces in an existing Brep then i joined the existing Brep with another and Voila the UserStrings attached to the BrepFaces survived the Joining…

Thanks for the Help…