Attaching file via worksessions scales clippingplane much larger

When I attach a file that contains a clipping plane via worksessions the clipping plane is scaled much larger than in the original file.
File A contains clipping plane
In File B attach A via worksession now clipping plane is scaled huge even though I scaled it down in original file.

In file A size across clippingplane = 2.871 meters
When file A is attached to file B size across clippingplane = 370’-9 1/2"
Looks like a small hick up in file units conversion for clipping planes
File A is in meters
File B is in Feet and Inches

Latest Version 5 SR6 32-bit
(5.6.31028.18305, 10/28/2013)

Hmm- yeah… I only see the discrepancy on the normal line- that thing seems to keep the same unit numbers but in the new file’s units, while the plane itself is scaled correctly, so far. Anyway something is amiss- thanks.