Worksession - referenced files not scaling with unit change

When changing units, the referenced files don’t scale accordingly, and keep on having the same unit size, I guess it’s a bug?

The active file in the worksession that has had the unit change needs to be deactivated and then activated again in the worksession manager. This will propagate the unit change to the other referenced files.

@mary do you know if this should be automatic?

Hi Mire,
I need more details here and set of files that will show us the issue.

  • The RWS, Worksession file is simply a list of files.
  • One one can be active at one time for editing.
  • You can visually reference all the geometry for the attached files.
  • However you can only edit the object in the active file.

There is really no shared unit here or any “propagation” of the change through all the files.
The unit is set in each individual file.

So please us help with with a very clear procedure and files to duplicate this issue.
Thanks for your help.

Mary Ann Fugier
McNeel Technical Support and Training
Seattle, WA

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Agreed, I wouldn’t expect worksession-ed files that are not active to change units.

Hi Mary,

Thanks for your reply, I will try to explain the issue better with an example.

I have an active file called “cube”, which is a 10x10x10m cube, and a referenced file called context, which is an array of 10m cubes. File units is meters

Now I go to Settings>Units and change the units from meters to millimeters. A window will pop up asking if I want to scale the model by 1000, I click on Yes, as I want to keep the equivalent size in mm

Now Rhino will automatically scale by a factor of 1000 the red cube, but the “context” purple cubes will stay as they were before. There are two reasons why this, in my opinion, is not the right behaviour:

_visual reference between files is lost
_referenced file will report incorrect sizes, if I measure a cube edge of the referenced file it will be of 10mm (0.01m) which is 1000 times less than the real lenght

If I go in the worksession manager window, detach “context” file and reattach it again Rhino will read it correctly, and “context” cubes will be in the right place and have a 10000mm edge. This process can be a bit annoying if I have several referenced files to detach and attach.

To clarify, I am not expecting to do any changes directly in the referenced files regarding units, but to automate the outcome of detaching and reattaching files after the unit change.

I am uploading the two Rhino files, discourse is not allowing me to upload the worksession file as it is not an authorized extension

context.3dm (468.6 KB)
cube.3dm (196.3 KB)

Hi Mire,
Thank you very much for the files and the procedure.
No problem, I was able to make a RWS file.
Your additional post and files were extremely helpful and I can duplicate the issue.

I will get the bug posted for the developers to evaluate.
Fingers crossed for getting it in Rhino 6.
I will notify you when I know more.

Mary Fugier
McNeel Technical Support and Training
Seattle, WA

Hi Mire,
One additional point here.

Instead of detaching and reattaching (which could be labor some with a lot of referenced files), just activate one of the other reference files, and reactivate the CUBE.

This will reload all the attached files, reset the scaling issue that occurred after the unit change.
It could save a good deal of time compared to detaching and reattached a group of files.

Mary Fugier

Hi Mire,
We believe that this is fixed now and will be available in either this week’s WIP build or next weeks WIP public build.

Please test it when the build becomes available and let us know if it works for you now.

Thanks again for letting us know.
Mary Ann Fugier


RH-37060 is fixed in the latest WIP

Hi Mary,

Many thanks, I will test and let you know if I still encounter any issues