Worksession not uptodate before changing the model


I have a sample project with some Files A.3dm, B.3dm, C.3dm, … and two users working on that project. User 1 has A.3dm active and then closes Rhino7 and saves his worksession. After that User 2 opens A.3dm and starts doing changes to the File.
When User 1 reopens his worksession, the session opens with the last active file (which is A.3dm), without any notice that this file is locked by User 2. User 1 can work on it, but won’t be able to save the file as it is locked by User 2.

If User 1 opens worksessions, A.3dm is set as active and no trace of the lock (due to User 2) is seen. Only after changing to a different model the worksessions seems to be updated and the lock of A.3dm is visible.

I’m quite new to worksessions and could be that I’m doing something wrong in the flow…
Any hints what could be done about that issue? To avoid doing changes before realizing that saving won’t be possible and the files have to be merged later.

Tested on windows10/11 and Rhino7.

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