Attach user data on single face


currently we use user data derived from ON_UserData to add some user defined information on geometry. At the moment we add those user data to the CRhinoObject.
Now we need to be more specific and we need those user data on a single face of a whole ON_Brep. So i was wondering if it is possible to attach user data on a single ON_BrepFace of a ON_Brep. In my point of view it should be possible because the AttachUserData is available in ON_Object and ON_BrepFace is derived from it.
I saw in the post User Data Objects on Trims and Surfaces - #2 by dale there is an example but it is not available any more. Could you share this or a similar example again?


Hi @dsw,

If you have a broken link to a sample, it’s probably been moved to the SDK samples repo on GitHub.


– Dale

Strange, i already searched for that in the samples, but i didn’t found it. :thinking:
Anyway, thanks for the link @dale