Store user data at BRepEdge

Hi all,

I would like to store user strings at the edges of a Brep using ‘BrepEdge.SetUserString(…)’. However, it seems that the data is not preserved after closing and re-opening the Rhino file. Below you’ll find my sample Python script I used for testing.

Can you confirm that and is there any other functionality I could use instead?

Andreas (965 Bytes)

BrepEdge might only support runtime user data. Give a few (days) and I’ll let you know…

Hi Andreas,

When attaching user data (of any kind) to Brep components, if you want the data to persist, then attach the data to the underlying geometry, not the topology.

For example, instead of attaching user data to ```BrepFace`, you’d want to attach it to the face’s underlying Surface object instead.

For a BrepEdge, you will want to get the underlying 3D curve object. Unfortunately, I don’t see a way to get there. I would expect BrepEdge to have a CurveIndex member that returned the index of the underlying curve. I’ve added a request for this to the pile.