Attach GHS Data

I’m having trouble with the AttachGHSData function in Rhino 5. I wanted to evaluate Rhino and Orca3D to see whether it would be useful for my work, so after generating the default hull model with Orca3D, I tried adding the hull part in AttachGHSData function by selecting the hull surface, but the program stopped responding and crashed. I also tried adding shapes, which sort of works, but when I tried creating stations the program also crashed. I could open my existing .gf files with rhino and duplicate the adding of shapes and hull parts perfectly fine.

I tried finding step-by-step tutorial on this topic but to no avail. How is this function suppose to work?

It’s definitely not supposed to crash. Do you have a model you can share that makes AttachGhsData crash with a short description of what steps you took to cause the crash?