"AttachGHSDATA" - Conditions tab not working

I need the help from an expert here. I’ve been using the “AttachGHSData” command for quite a while by I can’t get the “conditions” option to work. The conditions options according to documentation ":

After contacting “Creative Systems” (makers of GHS) for more information, I made sure that I installed GHSCOM correctly and after doing so I was asked to contact Rhino support team- so here I am :slight_smile: hoping you can help me.

Here’s the issue:
Annotation 2020-06-15 215736
As seen the image above the “Run GHS…” is greyed out.

Hello - what version of Rhino are you running?


I’ve updated to the latest version: Version 6 SR26
(6.23.20147.6511, 5/11/2020)

Hello - well, I am not the expert you are looking for, I guess that would be Steve Baer, but I see the notes only refer to V3 and V4; I do not know if the whole system is even compatible with later versions of Rhino - @stevebaer - do you have an idea?


Is there a way that I can download an older version of Rhino to see if that fixes the problem?

That’s really old functionality. Looking at the code, my guess is that this feature was never updated after we switched to 64 bit way back in Rhino 5.

Hi @stevebaer ,
Thanks for your reply. Do you think it is possible to get this functionality “resurrected”?

Hi again,@stevebaer
I was wondering maybe the function doesn’t work because I don’t have any GHS plug-in installed. I can’t see the “GHSPLUG” any where in the plug-in manager:


Hi Lior,
GhsPlug is not really what Rhino considers a plug-in and wouldn’t show up in the UI. I suspect that ghsplug may still be 32 bit which would be a problem as Rhino is now a 64 bit only application. I haven’t heard a single request for this feature for probably ten years, so I suspect it just wasn’t all that useful. You can definitely achieve the same results by running GHS with the model that you export from Rhino.

Hi Steve @stevebaer,
I actually got the feeling while searching for a solution that the conditions function isn’t well documented and hasn’t been used for a while as you noted. Regarding GHSPLUG I’ll contact creative systems and ask if it is 32 or 64 bit based.
I understand that I can export a GHS geometry file and conduct hydrostatic analysis in a iteratively manner but after acquiring the needed GHSCOM module from creative systems I’m interested in getting the GHS plug-in to work as documented both in rhino and creative systems support websites.

  • Lior

Hi Steve, @stevebaer,
I just got an answer back from Creative Systems. As you suspected correctly “GHSPLPUG.DLL” is only 32-bit and there isn’t a 64-bit version yet. I hope they update the plug-in and get it working again with rhino 6 and rhino 7 in the future.
I’m currently planning on installing rhino 5 which from what I understand still supports 32-bit plugins and check out how the function works and see if it’s even worth all the fuss.
Additionally, I would recommend updating the “AttachGHSData” command documentation accordingly.

Hi Lior -

I’ve added a request for updating the documentation - RH-59199.

Hi Lior,
This is a rarely used feature and we just forgot that it stopped working a long time ago (Creative Systems did let me know several years ago, but I dropped the ball).

I don’t think it ever proved to be all that useful, so I added a bug to my list to remove the feature in Rhino’s user interface.

Thanks and sorry for all of the confusion,