Assigning numbers to holes

I`m working on a model that has heaps of small holes on it, and I need to assign numbers to these holes and create a table. The table would then have the number of the each hole and its XYZ coordinates.

It would be even better if I could see the numbers on the 3D model, like little tags floating around the holes with the numbers.

Heres a screenshot to give you all an idea of what Im talking about

I know some Cad softwares have features for this (solidworks has the hole table feature for instance). Does rhino have anything like this? Or anything that can help this process?

Thanks in advance for your time


I would do this with a Python script. Do you have a sample file? Do you need the numbers to be in any special order?

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It doesn’t need Python if it can be done in GH.
If model is well built you can extract edges, find the shortest for circles and then extract centre points giving you xyz values.


Just to fill out the process a little :

  • select the points
  • create a textdot at each point with a number
  • automatically increment the number for each point.

As @piotr points out this can be done with GrassHopper, python, RhinoScript, C# or even with Rhino commands if you are a bit of a wizard with Excel or similar to generate the list of commands you need ! If you post an example file then someone may kindly build a solution for you…

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It would be great if they were in a sequence in some extend, but I dont have an specific order in mind. Meaning Im fine if it`s bottom to top, top to bottom, right to left or whatever.

Thanks mate. Im not particularly skilled in rhino but Ill give it a go. Hence I`ll also upload some simple file to see if anyone can show me the ways.

Here`s a sample file
RhinoSampleFile.3dm (3.1 MB)

And heres a screenshot of what I meant by "the numbers as tags floating around the holes". It doesnt have to be exactly like this btw, just to give you guys a general idea.

This requires heavy use of elefront but here is how I would do it: (9.1 KB)

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Thanks mate, it works perfectly!!

One more question if I may. I have to share this with customers that dont have rhino. Ive tried saving it as DWG but the numbers don`t show up. Do you know any file format that I could use to share this with numbers?

Maybe try baking the text points. An alternative is the text tag component replacing the elefront textdot component.

but you may have to use 3dtext component and bake that, although it comes out flat.

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