Finding holes's X,Y,Z coordinates and angle from 3dm file?

Hello All,

I am working on a robotic project which i need to find holes’s X,Y,Z coordinates and angle so i need absolut position of hole. For example can I extract the map of holes position and angles of the following 3d model from 3dm file. So, is proccess of making a hole on a solid, recorded in 3dm file? Or 3dm file just static file just contains polygon information not the project file? My clients work with a design software called GemVision Matrix which uses Rhino as 3d foundation. In which way I can get the holes coordinates information. Or should it be a plug-in to collects information of extracting position, size and angle at the time “extract” button pressed.?


Hi Beratuslu,

Rhino is not parametric, and the position of the holes is not explicitly stored in the file.
However, if the geometry is NURBS surfaces there are options, to semi-automate the process of finding the holes and their direction. It needs a custom script or grasshopper definition to retrieve the data of the holes.
However without seeing the model it’s hard to tell what is possible.
Can you share the model (or part of it?)


I will upload the file as soon as possible. Willem, what about the idea of plugin which store the data of making hole while making it? How about that?

Hi Beratuslu,

How could you find a solution about finding number and location of the holes?

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