Assign F3 to toggle Osnap on/off?

I try to make commands in my software as consistent across UIs as I can. In AC F3 toggles the snaps off/on. (Enable/disable) I assigned Osnaps to F3 in Rhino using “!_Osnaps”. But this doesn’t toggle on/off. It gives the Osnap options. Is there a command to do what i want for Osnaps?

I think you can do
!_Osnap _o _enter
to run the command.

So it gives the option of osnap then select none to remove osnap.

I guess to turn on it`d be

!_Osnap _E _N etc… _Enter

Personally I use the Alt key for on demand OSNAPs(enable/disable)

You can put this macro into your F3 key shortcut under Options:

-Runscript ( if Rhino.Osnap() then Rhino.Osnap(False) Else Rhino.Osnap(True) )

That should work as a toggle.

Hello - use

_DisableOsnap _Toggle



Thanks all. Got it.