Ask which rhino account to log in with | Multi-account support

I have two Rhino accounts, one personal and one work account. In food4Rhino I use the personal one for my plugins while in the application I use the work one.

Currently it’s a constant annoyance to deal with both accounts because food4rhino doesn’t allow you to choose which rhino account to use to log in, it just logs in directly with the last active one or something like that. If I switch to my personal account (from Rhino3d site) to log in as the author of my plugins in F4R, sometimes when I reopen rhino it doesn’t recognise my work account directly. If I switch to the work account, every time I log in to food4rhino to reply a comment or something, I have to go to the rhino page, user profile, manage account, switch account… so the problem is an infinite loop.

This would be easily solved if instead of logging in directly with the last active Rhino account in Food4Rhino, it would ask me which Rhino account I want to use and do not mark it as the default account the last logged one. The Rhino account manager should be able to link secondary Rhino accounts and be able to handle cases like mine, which I don’t think are that rare.


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Thanks for the report @Dani_Abalde, I’ve logged it and we’ll take a look at it.