-Arrowhead Size and Type

Arrowhead is a good annotation tool, could be even better with size option independent from Print With and a few different types, for annotating different things.

Hi Bogdan -
We have a few arrowhead-related issues on the wish list.
I’ve added this thread to RH-37989 Add arrowhead display style to ends of curves

Thanks @wim , Most people don’t know but with Rhino one can do diagrams better than with Illustrator , faster and more flexible! Actually I want to put togheter a small How-To guide.

But some small things are still missing. Like the -Arrowhead.
Besides Arrow it should also have Pointhead and Squarehead as type for example.

Hi -

For the time being, I’d look into using leaders with custom arrows.

ehh… ok, but not as good as arrowheads.

I’m also wandering if Annotation styles should be taken out from Rhino Options in order to become a Window of its own, just like Properties, Named Views…

It will be for flexible and user friendly…

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The arrows in viewport print preview and actual print are completely different instead of being exactly the same…

That’s correct, yes.

As I said before, for the time being, I’d look into using leaders…