Array points on a curved surface

Hi Everyone,
I am trying to achive an effect as shown on the image below - little lights on a square array but I would like the lights to follow a curved surface (the grey areas between the lines):


No idea how I can achive this effect. Thank you for all the help.

So what you want is to have points distribute on a curved surface, there are no requirements for the points distribution?


Hi Farouk,

thanks for responding - yes, I want to distribute points on a curved surface. At this point I am less concerned about the distance between them. It would be nice to control the amount/distance but I believe this would require grasshopper.

Thank you,

This script will create points at random locations on the surface.
If you had any specific pattern in mind, or distribution you can change the script accordingly, or tag me (906 Bytes)
Hope that helps,


Hi Anna - ArraySrf may help here,

it may be tricky to get evenly distributed spacing. The array will be on the untrimmed surface.
PanelingTools may also help -