Array a geometry with a different gap angle along a curve

Hi everyone!
I’m new learning grasshopper. So i try to replicated some finished projects. In this case, i see the “Hypar Vault” by New Fundamentals Research Group. And in the step of relocalete the bricks, i had problems and i need some help, cause i don’t how to reorient this type of brick with a gap angle and align in a curve.
Also, if you have some suggestions to better and be more efficient the scrip, it would be very helpful and welcome.

Ladrillo y estructura Hypar (19.7 KB)


I managed to use a rotation to copy your pattern.
However it does not follow the arc, because the angle between opposite sides is not big enough on your brick.

If you really want to follow exactly your arc, there are (at least) three options :

  • start by dividing the curve, compute normal frames at each position and build your pattern between the two first planes. Then duplicate.
  • compute the radius of the arc, or the angle of the brick, so they match at the end (trigonometry for the win)
  • deform the object using Flow

Ladrillo y estructura Hypar (36.0 KB)

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Oh magicteddy, I really thank you! You open my mind to see differents options. I will definitely study the script to learn. Thanks a lot!