Arranging Grouped by Layer into a Grid


In Rhino I have 50 groups of geometry that I baked out of Grasshopper.
The groups of geometry have been baked using Elefront so that each group is in a serparate layer, only when they got backed, they all ended stacked up on each other (i.e. they were all backed to the orgin)

So to separate them all so they’re not stacked is to select each layer and move it 20 units in the x direction, then the next layer 40 units, then the second 60 units etc

I am wondering if anyone knows of any scripts, commands or grasshopper plugins that would be able to arrange all of the different groups into a grid by layer…


Can you post you example .3dm file and any attempt you have made at a gh script? Best way to get someone to help is to provide a bit of work to work from.

This will group and move your geometry based on what layer it’s on in your Rhino doc. You can use Elefront to bake it to new layers after being moved.

Only native gh components. (13.8 KB)


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Thanks Kevin!

That is pretty much exactly what I was after plus I also learnt about the geometry pipeline component (I’m still very new to GH)

Thanks again, really appreciate your help.