Arhitecture student looking for HW-Tips


After countless of hours and searching in the Web I still can not decide what part of my PC I should upgrade. I am an architecture student about to start working with CAD and Rhinoceros, also with some kind of a extra function like grasshopper.
I feel that my home PC might not work well enough, that’s why I think I may need to upgrade it.
Any suggestions tips, maybe cheaper upgrades or such will prove handy.

For example: Should I just get 16gb Ram, GPU and a SSD? Should I just upgrade the CPU RAM and SSD? Or just upgrade CPU and GPU?
Those are the things i need to consider

Now to the info:

If I am not mistaken I have a laptop with ( just FYI side-question):

8gb RAM (Upgradeable to 16gb),
I7 4510u
GT 840m
Also the HDD can be replaced with SSD
Would this laptop be capable of somesort minimum quality editing in Rhino?
Have not tried out as the course has not started in my university. Just curious how it might work.

Now to the main issue:
I know that real computers, big ones, tend to work better with every application as it just has more power compared to a laptop, plus it is cheaper.

I have a LGA 1155 Motherboard at home with
i5 2500
HD 6950
in addition I have 8gb of 1333 mhz ram

My question is:
Should I upgrade the PC I have at home? If so, then what should I aim for?
I was wondering a xeon E3 1225v2 (or maybe something better ) processor, or maybe just upgrade the cooling of the older CPU so i would stay cool.
The main issue is the GPU
I think I might need a GPU upgrade.
I would like to get the GT 970 for 330 Euro, or Quadro K2200 which is around 100 Euro more expensive

K2200 is a decent workstation card, but GT 970 is overall a good value card with lots of CUDA etc

So, any general tips regarding the GPU, CPU and RAM? What should i Upgrade? When I want to get higher mhz ram then I have to upgrade mobo, which increases the cost. Also SSD will cost abit aswell. SSD is also a must, at least what I have heard.

So yeah, what should I upgrade in my home-PC?

Note: A friend offered me to buy a 23inch Monitor for 100 Euro which is a pretty good deal imho - i would have a dual screen with 24 and 23inch monitors - is it necessary, or useful, for CAD, Rhino?
Budget is around 600 Euro.

Best wishes,
Andreas from Estonia :smile: