Laptop for studying

I’m attending art school and I need a laptop for studying. I don’t know which one is the best, my teacher did not tell us tech characteristic.
Since next yead I’m gonna do cg and 3d animation, I was thinking about buying a laptops which fits for 3d too, and not just for Adobe.
What do you recommend?
I do not have such a big budget, but I was thinking for a msi gf63, which is small but “powerful”. What do you think about?

seems to be alright. But to be honest, art school is not know to be cheap. Not to speak of the chances to get good money in return. Don’t expect to learn the real valuable skills in university. You always teach those yourself. Instead start working to finance better equipment and learn the right skills by working next to professionals. As a bonus you likely master your studies with ease. Maybe search for second hand equipment.