Arguments of Rhino Macros....where can I look those up?

Hi all,

I need to know what arguments those Rhino Commands take…

"_-TextObject" takes arguments like "_GroupOutput=_Yes _FontName="{}" _Italic=_No _Bold=_No ", but how can I look those up?

I tried to Display Help for the Command ID the following:

command_id = rhi.Commands.Command.LookupCommandId('_GrasshopperOpen', False)
print "%s"%command_id
print "%s"%rhi.Commands.Command.DisplayHelp(command_id)

, but the help did not tell which arguments are accepted by this command…

I need this knowledge, as I want to start Grasshopper with a specific GH-file and Rhino brep as argument…

Thanks a lot in advance
Mr Sinter

I now found out in try-and-error-style how to open a specific GH-file per rhino script:

rs.Command('_-Grasshopper' +' '+ 'Document' +' '+ 'Open' +' '+ '')

It would be nice to see in advance these arguments of that '_-Grasshopper'-macro, as try-and-error-style software dev is quite time consuming…

Mr Sinter