Areas from SubObjects reported wrong with AutoText

When you use AutoText to display the Area of a SubObject (fx top of a Slab) in squaremeters, the preview is correct but the result will display the totalarea of all sides of the Slab (top+bottom+all sides). Expectations: To get just the area of the Selected SubObject (as shown in the preview in the dialogue-box before OK). P.S. Fileunits/Systemunits is set to mm.

Hi Tim - this is porobably this bug-
RH-77437 Text fields and sub objects

is that what you are reporting?


Yes for the last part since I have never displayed the area in systemunits, so I can only confirm that systemunits in mm and Area in Meters will result in the Area being reported is always for the entire object - and not just the Selected SubObject. Please note than with the same setup the area is reported correctly in the “preview” BEFORE you hit OK. Only the final result is wrong.