Area Plans/Boundary from Rhino to Revit

Trying to write a script which takes clean, closed polylines I’ve created in Rhino to create Area plans/boundaries in Revit.

Might be a bit too early in the WIP pipeline, but thought I’d throw it out there anyway, if anyone had any ideas?

For those unsure, the Area Plan function in Revit allows a particular drawing, helpful for showing GEA, GIA, etc. Usually one needs to draw these boundaries each time, I have wrote the script to grab clean polylines ready to use as these boundaries, its (just) the step of putting them back into Revit but treating them as Revit’s Area Boundaries, which can be used for particular drawings.


Hey take a look at this and see if helps. There is a custom python node that creates the boundary lines from curves in GH

We are working on adding these to the native RiR components