Area Plans/Boundary from Rhino to Revit

Trying to write a script which takes clean, closed polylines I’ve created in Rhino to create Area plans/boundaries in Revit.

Might be a bit too early in the WIP pipeline, but thought I’d throw it out there anyway, if anyone had any ideas?

For those unsure, the Area Plan function in Revit allows a particular drawing, helpful for showing GEA, GIA, etc. Usually one needs to draw these boundaries each time, I have wrote the script to grab clean polylines ready to use as these boundaries, its (just) the step of putting them back into Revit but treating them as Revit’s Area Boundaries, which can be used for particular drawings.


Hey take a look at this and see if helps. There is a custom python node that creates the boundary lines from curves in GH

We are working on adding these to the native RiR components


I can’t seem to find a way to get area boundaries from Revit. Is there a way to extract area geometries in RiR? If not, would you share python codes or let me know a place to look at?

I thought that Analyse Spatial Element might get area boundaries, but it didn’t. I checked if it would get geometries from rooms, but it failed to get room geometries either. Can anyone let me know why this component doesn’t work? I’m using a revit file from BIM360, if it makes any difference.

You mean separation lines like this?

@leonardo.ali did you find a solution ?

I tried this

But it doesn’t work for me…

Did you find a solution to create revit areas from rhino closed curves?

Hey try the example below. It’s done using custom python nodes so you might need to finesse them for your final definition. Revit model is in 2020 (or just create an empty model with an area plan named “My Area Plan”) (325.2 KB)


Ok it works thanks a lot :slight_smile: !

But do you why I have to give the points coordinates in feet while my rhino is in mm same as my revit model? (notice that the boundaries conserve the right scale)

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I used a Rhino model in feet. You can do all the necessary conversion in your definition

trying to use the above definition and get the error area is not in a properly enclosed region. creates boundary curves no problem
assuming it’s something to do with the units conversion as mentioned above feet to mm, but unsure where to edit the custom node script ?

any help appreciated !

created the above workaround to convert the points from mm to ft, but would still like to understand if there is something in the python script that just needed to be changed (sorry i’m a python beginner, I looked but there was nothing obvious to me)


Share an example model please so I can test. I’m not sure what’s your model setup. Are both Rhino and Revit models in mm?

Hi Ehsan,
finally made it back to this topic!

I’m trying again to use the above components, getting an error

  1. Solution exception:‘RhinoInside.Revit.Convert’ object has no attribute ‘ToHost’

When i open the sample file above (in feet) it works fine. When I create my own files in meters, it’s not working - any help much appreciated

files attached below
Alina (15.6 KB) AREAS-TEST.3dm (30.6 KB) AREAS-TEST.rvt (5.1 MB)

Hi Again,
I’ve solved the above error, needed to update my create area boundary component to latest version!
Still need to do the feet conversion for the areas to place in the correct location though.
Any ideas how to solve that appreciated!
Files below (in mm)
Project1.3dm (33.8 KB) Project1.rvt (412 KB) (20.0 KB)

Hello. There is a weird issue happening for me.
When i used the Create Area Boundaries from the official Rhino Inside link, the component does not output anything. Then when i have downloaded the defintion from this post it worked but I only get model lines inside Revit. I do not get the actual Areas boundaries.
Also i checked the two components and there is a difference in the script. I am not into scripting, just noticed that.
Did anyone experience this? Do you know what could be the cause?
Later edit : I just realised that the official Create Area Boundaries does create the Model lines but its ouput in the panel is Null. I am also still not getting the actual Areas component in Revit.

I think i had a problem with the project units and i did managed to create areas using the custom component from Ehsan, but the area location is not at the coordinates of the point in the input. There is an offset and i don tknow why?

Another issue is that there is no Tracking mode as with the other GH components so when i update the Rhino model, it will duplicate everything.
I am surprised that there are no proper GH components for the NewArea and Area boundary functions as they can be very usefull and basic.

Constantinecozma, the add room component is in the works for 1.3rc & will feature element tracking.

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Japhy, thanks for replying! Thats great to hear!
Will it work with create Area Boundaries or will it be a Create Room Boundaries component? I find the Area component very usefull in the early stages of the project as well as in some planning phases to get area schedules from Rhino curves without having to have walls.