Area Plans/Boundary from Rhino to Revit

i haven’t worked with Area Boundaries for a while, which functions/ components are you thinking? I’ll add it to the queue.

I was thinking of an improved version of the Create Area component that someone has uploaded here but with the tracking function included. So AddArea and also the AddRoom that you mentioned, both with Tracking mode and Rhino curves and coordinates as inputs would be very helpful for the early project workflow. Maybe both having an input for the naming would also be great.

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Does anyone know why the Create Area Boundaries retrieves Null outputs in GH although it does work in Revit ?

I’ve downloaded and tried Ehsan’s definition and everything look good.

Can you provide more context to question? Thanks.

I just checked again, it looks like the Create Area Boundaries provided by Ehsan is different than the one from the RhinoInside website. The official component from RIR retrives nulls in GH. Could you please verify and confirm this?

Now i just noticed another weird thing.
I had a definition and it worked fine but now it looks like its trying to place the Areas before it places the boundaries so it shows me that Areas not in a properly enclosed region
But after hitting ok for all the instances you can see that they are all inside the regions.

There is a typo, the output is ASL not APL

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Could you please check this definition that i did?
It includes a unit conversion from feet to meters so you need to have meters in both Revit and Rhino, or do a conversion anyway…
I am not very good at this but could it have something to do with the speed and order on which GH sends the data to Revit? I mean it looks like its sending the Areas before the Boundaries and therefore it gets those errors.
On Ehsan`s defintion it works fine, both the boundaries and areas appear instantly…
Also thanks for the notifying about that Typo.

Certainly, but won’t be able to for 3-4 hrs. Check back this evening or tomorrow morning. Thanks

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Yes sure, no hurry. By the way, my definition is a bit more complex because I took a VB script to sort polylines from curves and circles so I can explode them accordingly for the RiR component.

I really dont understand.... When I use Ehsans component in his definition, it works fine, both boundaries and areas appear instantly. Then when i use the component from RhinoInside website in Ehsan`s defintion, i get the same error with the Areas not in enclosed region…
But then whats confusing me is that when i use Ehsan “good” component in my definition, its still same problem.
I think maybe it would be better for the Area component to have an Area Boundary as an input besides the point location so that it computes the boundaries first? Same for the future Room components that works with the Room Separator (when there are no walls)

can you internalize your curves and repost? Thanks (26.8 KB)
Yes, i think these are now internalized? You might also need the TT Tools Unit conversion tool.

To not get the error in this definition you will need to create the Boundaries first, then the Areas.

Here i used a stream gate.

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I thought so, that it is about the order.
So the Stream Gate will make sure that it creates the Areas after i get the boundaries?
But its courious that at the begining it did work. Not something stable i think.

In v1.7 we have added components for Areas, Rooms and Spaces under the Topology panel.


Hello, I have my area boundaries created in grasshopper. I need to push it to Revit. I used this method above but so far; all my area boundaries are sent to one area plan view. Is there a way I can get the area curves to be sent to their respective levels as there isn’t an option to select multiple area plan views in the “area plan component”?

I have tried to sort the curves by level then send them, it worked but for project with more the 15+ floor it’s not efficient.

Hi Alawiyaalimohammed, Area Plans are a view that you can get via the Query Views component. Corresponding linework would be need to be branched accordingly.

Alright Japhy, Will implement this, Thanks a lot!