Architectural tile (need help!)

I have been working on a grasshopper definition to build architectural paneling/tiles that stick to the surface of a simple structure. So far I’ve been able to create something that works pretty well, but it’s gotten very slow and inefficient. I’ve had to use a huge amount of nodes to get it to work and would have to copy/paste a lot of them in order to make tiles on all of the surfaces of the structure.

My hope is that some of you on this forum might be able to give me advice on how to simplify/reduce the script to make it visually easier to understand and to make it run faster. maybe there’s a component I didn’t use that could do what I need to do better. I appreciate any help i can get!

Here’s how ugly the script is so far:

and here’s the file (I have internalized data on the geometry parameters to make it easier to view) : (2.8 MB)

thanks evereyone!

great solution, I didn’t even know about a few of these components, like the Entwine component. I can see now I had a ton of unnecessary stuff in there. thanks for the help!

could you post the gh file? I am having trouble reproducing the same results (1.2 MB)

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