Archicad-Grasshopper Live Connection Problem (%%$GrassHopperConnection.STRS.32500.1%%)


I’m having problems with setting up my ArchiCAD-Grasshopper Live Connection. Once installed the menu item for the plug-in looks weird ("%%$GrassHopperConnection.STRS.32500.1%%") and is greyed out, as seen in the attached photo. Both ArchiCAD 24 and Rhino 7 + Grasshopper is running simultaneously.

Is there anyone out there who have encountered the same problem and know of a solution?

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Im experiencing the same issue with archicad 24 and rhino 6. Have you found a solution, @splinter ?

The issue has been resolved. Turns out it was as simple as updating ArchiCAD (and the library) to the latest version, re-installing/repairing the ArchiCAD-Grasshopper Live Connection and finally rebooting the computer.

Read more in the thread on the Graphisoft Community: