AR example of a parameterizable object

is there an augmented reality example of a parameterizable object?

In the public beta of the new platform, all uploaded models come with an “View in AR” button in the viewer, available for both android and iOS devices. It is possible to update parameters in the browser and update the visualization and then click on the AR button to see the computed solution in AR. The documentation of the new version of the ShapeDiver viewer describes, among other things, how to implement this feature (the quick look AR button) in your own website. It includes a code example.

Does this answer your question?

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Thank you, I congratulate you, I see that you have a powerful and unique tool, it has a huge future, it would be great if it is compatible with the ladybug plugin.
By the way I have problems opening with AR, why?

This model does not load at all for me, even in the web browser. It seems that you have too many outputs displayed (make sure you flatten the tree that are sent to the display components).