Applying a pattern on double concave mesh


I am trying to come up with a way to apply a pattern of some kind (let´s say Voronoi kinda thing) on a strongly curvy mesh.

I have a design of a part to be 3D printed but would need some customizing solution to create interesting “skins” on it. So far I have tried to solve the issue with image sampler and attractors. Being fairly new to Grasshopper I find it extremely tricky to get the stuff working on my mesh that is pretty complicated. All the examples I´ve seen are about mildly curvy shapes that are basically squares.

Here´s the top-back area of the part that should be modified:

mesh.stl (79.8 KB)

Obviously the actual part is a closed mesh, but this area is where the “skin” should be made, and in effort of simplifying things I cut off the rest of the part.

I am not attaching any grasshopper file because I don´t have anything good to start with - I don´t know what would be a good way to approach the solution.

If somebody can help me I´d be eternally thankful :slight_smile:

Can you post an example of what you want to draw on the ‘skin’? If it is just simple curves, I would go about like this:

  1. Generate the required curves on a flat surface
  2. Generate an untrimmed surface using the mesh
  3. Remap curves from the surface in 1 to the surface in 2

This won’t work for an image as it might get distorted if you stretch it over the surface

Yes, simple curves that need then to get “meat” around themselves (pipe, extrude, thicken, whatnots).

All right, I´ll try yuour proposal next.