Apply imported material V-ray

Hi Guys!

Hopefully someone can help me out with this on.

I am trying to apply materials i have downloaden from the web.

But form some reason, instead of showing the material in 3d, It projects some text on the geomtry saying: Image not found: C:\Users\AQ\desktop\Leather_B.jpg

Its like the .vismat is trying to look for its corresponding .jpg at the wrong place!

What 2 do? Thanks in advance!

C ya

Exact this is what happen.

Open the material editor (the big M in V-Ray toolbar)
search for the wrong material
Click on the M next to diffuse color
On the top you get the Filename to change.


well thank you. That would help.

Is there a way to tell the program to look in the same folder as the vismat file is? would make it easier.

anyhow, Thank you!

Yes… and not.
The best way it’s to keep the iamge file in the same folder of the 3dmodel. In this way V-Ray it’s smart enough to load all the necessary images by himself.

Otherwise could be tricky.


BEST TIP EVER for V-Ray Materials:

  • Use the Command: V-Ray→Pack Scene
  • Pick a location.
  • You now have a zipped file with the Rhino file and ALL material texture maps,
    environmental lighting maps and IES lighting data in one place.
  • This works even if when texture maps are scattered in separate folders and
    separate computers.
  • NOW, keep all of your textures in the same folder as Rhino.
  • Bazinga!

This was designed for when you wanted to share / email a scene, but I use it for myself to get organized.

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