Anyone using M1Pro or Max with large GH defenitions?

I am considering buying a new Mac and am wondering if it will improve the performance of editing my large Grasshopper definitions with 7000+ components.

I am systematically working through my GH definitions to optimize them and convert clusters into Hops but editing is very slow on my current windows setup which is an Intel i3 3.7GHz with 32GB ram and NVIDIA GeForce GT 710 1GB.

I’m sure any of the new Macs will far outperform my old Windows setup, but I’m just hoping to hear feedback from anyone doing lots of Grasshopper work on one of the new MacBook Pros.

I would suggest posting a sample definition and letting some graceful users test them for you on their M1X Macs (e.g. canvas redraw speed). I would do it, but I currently do not own a M1X machine…

All the best,

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I appreciate your suggestion Rudi, but unfortunately I can’t publicly post the definition I’m working on.

I’m just hoping to hear anyone’s anecdotal experiences regarding Grasshopper performance on a M1 Pro or Max chips.

Hi Leo -

I’m sorry, but I really hope that nobody else is running 7000+ components Grasshopper definitions…

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Agreed. Which is why I’m asking if such a machine would be helpful for digging my way out of such a deep hole! Lol.

I only tested the M1 13" MacBook and interestingly canvas performance was better than on my 16"MBP.

On the other side I have to mention, that canvas performance of GH for Mac is a bit behind the Windows version… there were some improvements made here and there in recent months
GH2 using Etc for the UI will portably be a different story.

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