Anyone have an ISO-128 template layout?

Hey folks:

As a time saver, I was looking to make a ISO-128 formatted Layout template to save time with setting up technical diagrams for printing.

But before I spent all the time making one, I wanted to ask: has anyone ever made an ISO-128 Layout already for Rhino?

Basically, I’m just looking for a border and text box in the corner into which we can stick and arrange Detail boxes.

For example, I’m looking to see if anyone has something like the lettered border and text field of this image already set up as a layout:



Hi Jack -
I’ve got this empty file with a few blocks that I have been testing for Rhino 7. I’m not claiming it’s ISO-128 compliant…
A2 Layout Blocks 002.3dm (2.1 MB)

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Thank you for this. It’s part way there, but not quite.

It’s the Layout page itself in which I’m looking for the formatting, not the viewports.

Hi Jack -

The T/B block in that file is meant to be inserted into an A2-sized layout page - not in a modeling viewport. I suppose you can explode the block and scale as necessary.