Rhino Standards for Architectural Practice

Does anyone work in a architectural design practice that mainly uses rhino for their design and documentation?

I am in the process of creating/compiling a set of standards for my practice and would like to understand how to go about it; and would love to find examples of what worked or didn’t from anyone else who has done this, or felt the need to.

our rhino users range from advanced to amateur, and the intent of this standards guide is to organize the files and layers making things easy to find and cross reference, and also standardize the output quality. It might help people who are averse to troubleshooting and looking for solutions online, and make the amateur users improve their skills but that is not the intention.

do you have a set of standards- such as file naming, block management, layer structures and names etc. and guides/manuals for the users?

Would anyone be willing to share them? I understand that it would be unique to that practice, and might not even be applicable to somebody else’s way of working. ( some of it might even be ‘proprietary’)

It goes without saying that a lot of the stuff from the rhino manuals from mcneel and forum discussions will find its way into this rhino standards document- and I will set up a google drive if anyone wants to see what i am up to.