Anyone figured out exactly how to use the Vray GH Components in the 3.0 Beta?

Just having a play… Are we supposed to daisy chain the renderer componenets? or does all geometry plug into the start render component?

And can I add materials from the asset editor?

and all just some overall overview into how this is currently working in it beta phase…

Looking great though :slight_smile:

Here is a short video I worked up. We plan to spend some more time on these to make them better, so having more testers would be great.


Thanks for the video, I just tested it and it works well.
As my Grasshopper tabs are crowded, as many others people I think . It could be good to put icons in a specific VRAY tabv or better in Display tab, there are lot of place. 3 icons in a tab is a waste of place !

Vray sub scatter component is strange !!

Thanks for the input.

Things will most likely change, these components where created for basically a single demo, and to have a discussion about images/rendering with David. If there is anything you like about the current components / workflow let me know. Other than that, I am assuming it needs a major rework. You can also assume any file you work on will not be supported in future versions.

I do agree 3 icons are too few, there will most likely be many more combined into one group, and structured in a much more sensible way.

Wow I just discovered that components! That is something I was wainting for. Unfortunatelly I do not know how to use most of them the seem to be in the deep beta version. Are there any news about work progress?

You might find Friedrich Söllner’s GRay more useful, until official V-Ray for Grasshopper makes some progress. I personally find it pretty amazing.