V-Ray Grasshopper Animation components missing


I wanted to continue working on an animation project done with V-Ray for Grasshopper…
However after launching Grasshopper, i realized, that alle the Animation options where gone:

The Timeline component, as well es the nodes to connect the time line and V-Ray Element are gone - as can be seen in the screenshot.

Does someone have any suggestions what to do?

Cheers, Rudi

Btw, I already tried re-installing V-Ray…

Which exact version of V-Ray for Rhino are you installing ?

Rhino 6.17.19235.15041
V-Ray for Rhino 3.60.03 … which should be V-Ray Next, I guess (interesting, why they didnt number it 4.0)

3.60.03 is not Next. 4.x.x is Next.

It is named “Next”, not “4” because people tend to use “vray4rhino”, “vray4revit”, etc, where the “4” has nothing to do with the V-Ray version

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Oh sorry, I somehow missed that in the download section… That makes sense.

Thank you!