F4R Update 2022.03.07

Hello All.
Monday we updated food4rhino. Here is what we worked on:

  • Search: Improved searching based on text queries
  • UI: Images used in the UI are now higher resolution
  • User tools:
    • Cleaned up ui related to flagging system on content reviews
    • Users can save new apps or resources as drafts before publishing them
  • Yak Integration: General improvements to messaging and integration capabilities
  • Content licensing: Users now have a list of license options related to the content they are publishing.
  • Ratings: The star count for an app or resource is displayed based on the average votes for the app or resource.

There were many more improvements related to these general topics, but these are the things you’ll probably notice.


Awesome that F4R is getting updates.

Are there any long-term plans to modernise or unify food4rhino into the website? I still find it very strange that everything about f4r looks different to rhino3d.com. If you didn’t know or looked in the footer, you would never even know that f4r is by McNeel.

I know McNeel is not a web company by any means, but it saddens me that such a powerhouse of a software has such a fragmented and inconsistent presence on the web.

We currently don’t have any long term plans to do this, but of course, that can change. We have a few more minor updates for this version of f4r, and then we’ll move to the next major update which will pave the way for new functionality that isn’t possible with the current platform.

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