Any way to change settings in Options with a Script?

Good morning Rhino people,

I have the feeling I know the answer, but is there any way to change settings in Options with a script? For example, can one write a script that would change the Distance display from Fractional to Feet and Inches?

Thank you.

Something like the following should work for what you want:

Call ChangeUnitDisplayToFractional()
Sub ChangeUnitDisplayToFractional()
    Dim uSys : uSys = Rhino.UnitSystem()
    If uSys = 8 Or uSys = 9 Then
        Call Rhino.UnitDistanceDisplayMode(2)
        Call Rhino.Print("Unit system must be set to either inches or feet")
    End If
End Sub

These commands are not yet available in Python rhinoscriptsyntax…


Thank you, Mitch. I have colleagues who give me dimensions in feet and inches and others – in inches. There’s no consistency. Making an alias that would toggle this will be great.

I really appreciate it.